What Can A Handyman Legally Do?

One natural question on online forums is; what can a handyman legally do? Previously, handymen could do all types of jobs. However, nowadays they are limited to tasks that don’t need a license. Handymen do lots of things, some of which may surprise you.

Many handymen discovered that they could earn a living by just doing what they love. For instance, some of them do other types of work. Some are semi-retired trades persons while others just prefer being active and earning a living out of it.

The best handyman can do any job around the house. Some of them have licenses which they renew when required. An ideal handyman can be an electrician, plumber, carpenter, painter or a cabinetmaker.


When it comes to hiring a handyman or handywoman, make sure you check Licensed Trades to known if a license is required for the job you need him or her to do. If you find that it needs someone with a permit, you should ensure you hire a licensed handyman. Among the benefits of hiring one with licensing is that they may offer you a lower rate and be able to do other jobs around the house.

There is no job which is large or small for a handyman. A licensed and qualified handyman will have the right tools for the job and know how to use them. Below are some of the tasks that a handyman can do.

5 Jobs Which You Should Consider Hiring A Handyman

  1. Furniture Repair and Assembly
    You may have bought a flatpack kitchen or flatpack furniture. A handyman can put the flatpack together. They may not be able to the electrical and plumbing work, but between the lower cost of a flatpack kitchen and the fees offered by the handyman, hiring them is the best way to renovate or repair your kitchen on a budget. These tradespeople can also repair your furniture for you since they have garages with workshops and have the best woodworking tools. If you have complex jobs, look for a handyman with experience as a cabinet maker.
  2. Build a Cat Sanctuary or Doghouse
    In some instances, you may have to hire a handyman to build dog houses. Expert handymen can build ordinary doghouses to dog mansions. The best candidate for this job should be handyman with experience as a carpenter or builder. Your doghouse may not require being built to code, meaning a building license isn’t needed. On the other hand, you can ask a handyman to build a dog sanctuary. You can also ask your handywoman to create a suitable shelter. It can include playing equipment, places, and swings for cats and shelves to rest.
  3. Rescue Services
    Handymen are at times asked to rescue animals. For example, a dog or cat may be stuck in a fence. Handymen have tools and ladders, which they use to save animals. It may be wiser to call animal rescue services. However, by choosing to contact handymen, you can make the process easier.
  4. Cleanups and Jobs
    Another job that you can hire a handyman to do is to clean your yard or your house. Other tasks include cleaning the car interiors or taking it to the auto repair service. In some instances, clients have asked handymen to take senior citizens to shops. It means that being a handyman doesn’t restrict one to traditional jobs.
  5. Other Jobs Which You Can Hire A Handy Man
    You can hire a handy person to do jobs which other people are unwilling or unable to do. They may include changing light bulbs, painting, hanging a mirror and installing a flat screen TV on a wall.


Did you want to know what can a handyman legally do? Hiring a handyman should be faster using the above informative post. Remember that they charge their rates are per hour. If you call them to change a lightbulb, you will also have to pay for the time they spend on the road, which means you should ensure there are other tasks to do. On the other hand, you can look around if there are other minor repairs you want to be done if the handy person is already on your premises.

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